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Estreno Febrero 25, 2018

Really experience that. See what you see, hear what you hear, feel the feelings. Disappointment? Anger? Frustration? Failure? How does that feel? How do you affect those around you? How do they feel? Absorb every aspect of this path that you can take today if you so choose. Notice everything that you need to know about what it will be like if you carry on with the same behaviour, putting off change. Drift back to where the path splits. Step Five: Now take a step out on to the path to the right...

Read Full story Know what the future holds for you as a result of the choice you can make today.

Directed by: Alejo Correa

About movie


Luciana una pequeña de 7 años ha huido de su casa debido al maltrato que ejerce su madre sobre ella, busca ayuda en su vecina del piso de abajo, pero Luciana esconde un oscuro secreto.

Cast & Crew

Screenplay: Alejo Correa

Director: Alejo Correa

Producer: Escuela de Cine de Barcelona (ECIB)

Director of Photography: Daniel Rueda

Sound: Klaus Jack

Editing: Diego Simeoli

Post Production: Klaus Jack

Sound Editing: Phillippe Belligand Phillippe Belligand

Music Composer: Phillippe Belligand Phillippe Belligand

cast & Crew

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